Rollerball pen range

The usefulness of a pen is limitless. You could write an exam, a novel or song, record information, jot down a short note, or draw a masterpiece. Pens symbolise possibility.

Have you decided to gift a unique handmade sustainable rollerball pen. In that case, you can be reasurred it will deliver a super-smooth writing experience that will impress the user every time they run the tip of their pen across the paper. They will think what a great choice you made in selecting this heirloom gift that will become a special part of their daily activity. 

Why select a Rollerball pen?

Rollerball pens use water-based liquid ink. (Ballpoints use oil-based ink)

This water-based ink offers the considerable benefit of less pressure being required when writing, so if you are prone to hand cramps, the rollerball offer users comfort when writing for both short and long periods. The way the rollerball ink flows onto the paper is why many fountain pen enthusiasts enjoy writing with a rollerball as an occasional alternative.

So if you are going to gift a pen, gift an extra special one!