How to change the refills in our pens

We have made these videos to show you how to change the refills and ink cartridges and ink pump in our pens, we will also put up other helpful videos we come across for your enjoyment. BUT remember if you have any issue with your pen purchased from us contact us at any time by phone or email at

Flushing cleaning your fountain pen using the ink pump

This video is about showing you how to use the ink pump we supply with our fountain pens to flush the nib and feed of your fountain pen, this video was made by Parker pens but the process is the same for all fountain pens that can use an ink pump. The nib or and feed in all fountain pens can dry and become blocked for many reasons, if this happens the first think to do (after you have checked that there is ink in the pen!!) is flush or clean the ink path path within the pen nib and feed section and that is what the video covers. 

Remember ink stains so be careful how and where you do this, we are not responsible for any damage you may cause!! 



How 2 use and refill our Grove mechanical pencil


Our grove pen in Irish bog oak click here

Our Grove pen in Irish burled elm click here

Woodland Mechanical pencil LED replacement and use


Forest Rollerball refill replacement


Link to our Forest rollerball

Replacing the Cross type refill in our Rainbow pen 

Cross type refill Rainbow pen

Music Pen refill replacement 

Show me the Music pen in   IRISH WHISKEY OAK         IRISH BURLED ELM