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Fountain Pen Brand of the year 2020

    Catherine and I were delighted to receive the email informing us we had won the Irish fountain pen brand of the year for 2020.   We work very hard to ensure our worldwide client base receives a writing instrument from us that will exceed their expectations. The only way we know to achieve this goal is to ensure every part of our hand turning, hand assembly and the bespoke packaging of our pens is carried out with the knowledge that the pen will become part of its users everyday lifestyle and that is a big reasonability and that is what drives us to be the best we can.  Extract from the EU Business email, the award will be published in their March edition, we are so proud we...

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Can an Irish Pens handmade wooden pen help protect the environment?

We have been writing by hand for literally thousands of years, so what about the simple PEN?  It doesn't have a battery or a motherboard,  it doesn't require a Service plan or a satellite orbiting the earth in order to function, it is never smarter than you are which I like!! If I drop it in water or any distance higher than your own knee on a hard surface it would not be destroyed in fact purchasing an insurance plan for it would be, well silly and slightly ridiculous, this simple pen has shaped the very world in which we live,  it has recorded the discoveries of scientists and inventors and every tail of explorers who has crossed the open ocean...

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Custom wedding registry bridal gift that left them speechless

We were asked to make a custom wedding registry pen gift for a bride-to-be by her auntie. Her aunt wanted a writing pen the happy couple would use to sign their wedding register on their the big day "have you any thoughts on how we can make the pen extra special" she asked me?     We had a chat and in the conversation it became clear the passion the Bride and her Fiancé have for the GAA and their codes of Camogie and hurling, now both camogie and hurling sticks are made from Ash wood and I thought if we could get an old stick that had a special meaning to the Bride we could craft the pen that stick and...

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Cavan to New York in 16 steps

I posted some pens to clients on Wednesday afternoon, one client, in particular, had ordered a pen as a very special gift for his very special friend. He had spent the time researching the gift he wanted to give, he selected one of our fountain pens, he gave us the text for a personal note which we put on a card, sealing the card with a wax stamp and placing the card in with the pen gift. He had created the perfect gift and he was very much looking forward to presenting it. When he got back from work on Monday evening to his New York apartment his pen gift was waiting for him.  16 steps over 6 days and...

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Bishop William Bedell and his Sycamore Tree

Bishop William Bedell's Sycamore tree was planted by him in 1632 at the Kilmore Cathedral Cavan just a few minutes from our workshop. Bishop William Bedell (1571) was appointed Provost of Trinity College in 1627 and in 1629 became Bishop of Kilmore and Ardagh. He is essentially most famous for translating the old testament into Irish. He planted the tree in the original garden of the old bishop’s palace which later became part of Kilmore churchyard and when he died in 1642 he was buried beneath this tree. It is believed to be one of the earliest examples of this tree in Ireland. About 20 years ago one of the limbs fell in a storm and its part of that...

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