Feadán Rollerball Pen handmade in Irish Sessile Oak
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Irish Pens

Feadán Rollerball Pen handmade in Irish Sessile Oak

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We designed our Feadán <Fa-don> pen range so routine writing tasks become infinitely more enjoyable, utilising a simple and minimalist form we pay homage to the beauty of the wood we craft from, the woods utterly original character gives certainty that each Feadán is unique. Feadán is the Irish word for tube and the shape and function of a tube is to allow unfettered movement within it, a Feadán is a tactile conduit enabling the unfettered flow of feelings to paper for the intimate writing task that is anything but routine when words and emotion are so expressive that they need to be shared as has always been the way in Irish literary heritage, holding a pen made from wood grown in Ireland is a beautiful way to connect with that heritage.

The Irish oak tree is a much-loved in Celtic mythology for its strength and longevity. Known as the ‘King of the Forest’, for thousands of years, Druids have worshipped the Irish Oak as their most sacred tree. The word Druid comes from the Celtic word for Oak, ‘Duir’. The Druids also believed that the Oaktree is host to the strength and energy of their gods and so to catch a falling Oak leaf brings good luck and prosperity.

In Irish mythology, the Irish Oak symbolises truth, courage and wisdom. This derives from the Ancient Celts, who observed the Oak’s incredible strength, beauty, and noble presence. Irish oak has been used for hundreds of years to build and decorate state buildings, churched and even the longboats in Viking times.

The tubular design is very tactile, holding the pen has a playfulness to it and lining up the wood grain each time the cap is posted is fun and addictive.

Laying or standing on a desk, resting on a note pad at a meeting the Feadán will be noticed, but as with all good design, form must follow function so we installed an all Swiss-made rollerball refill as standard to provide the best writing experience.

We also make this pen as a FOUNTAIN PEN- have a quick look

As a personal, corporate or club gift, no other pen in the world is exactly like yours!

Sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda, by using one of our handmade pens and only replacing the refill you help the environment by not contributing to the BILLIONS of plastic biros that go to landfill every year.

Give one of our fountain pens with our ink pump and the only thing you don't use is the empty glass ink bottle that is recycled, how green is that!

At a time when individuality is becoming increasingly rare, we can engrave the pen for you, leave the text on the cart page

  • Add a personal note to your gift free of charge, leave the text on the cart page
  • All Swiss rollerball refill
  • Pen length 145mm or 5.7 inches capped 127mm or 5 inched uncapped
  • Pen weight 44gm or 1.55oz capped 30gm or 1 ounce uncapped
  • If you have any questions about this range or any of our pens please contact us by email at info@irishpens.ie any time.

The pen pictured was handmade by us, your pen will be of the same wood, as no two wood pieces are the same that is your certainty that your pen will be totally unique. Like the pen pictured we will select the most interesting wood to craft your pen from. It takes us about 3 days to craft a pen.

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