Corporate Gifting the Do's and Don'ts

A nice-to-have, practical pleasant surprise from a thoughtful business or business owner could arguably be considered an expectation, but a business should not underestimate the value that a special thoughtful “thank you” can have on clients with wandering eyes, or even better, for those who have been loyal to you for years.

How often do you hear about a gift or reward for a new customer?  think about your normal reaction to hearing that? "why don’t they give that gift or reward to loyal customers, you think” …Your customers feel the same!


So, what are the key points to keep in mind as you consider the perfect corporate gift?


sustainable corporate gift of a wooden handmade writing pen

Your clients are probably very sensitive to gifts which may be thought of as unsustainable or environmentally damaging. In fact, announcing loudly that your gift of an Irish Pens handmade wooden writing pen is sustainable and ecologically sound can give you an edge over companies that don’t consider sustainability with the gift they give and what says about their company, in the recipients eyes it’s about the company that walks the walk and not just talking the talk.

Appropriate spendcorporate gift spending don't overspend on corporate gifts

While you might feel inclined to splash out and show your client how valuable they are to you, overspending with lavish gifts serves no purpose. First and foremost your gift is a gesture of kindness and a "thank-you" for a flourishing working relationship, not a kickback for their business. The last thing you want is for your gift to look over-the-top or desperate, raising concerns about the motivations for the gift. An Irish wooden handmade unique practical pen gift ranging in prices from €35 to €150+ ensure all budgets and policies are catered for.

Do make it unique

Unique corporate gift ideas that are sustainable and handmade in Ireland

Don’t send the exact same gift to everyone, though it’s unlikely your clients would ever find out, making personal touches can make a big difference in how they view the gift. A wooden pen by the fact that no two pieces of wood are the same guarantees that every pen gift you give will be as unique as the recipient. Tailored gifts are worth their weight in gold so why not have the recipient’s name or initials engraved into the wood of the pen, how special would that be? You can also add a personal note to the deluxe pen gift box that comes with each of our pens.

Put a logo on it?

corporate gifts handmade in Ireland with a logo


Remember, this is a gift, not a promotional opportunity. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that a branded gift is something that your client will use, let alone cherish. Think of it more as a drawer filler or worse a bin filler. Don’t worry that clients might forget who gave them a unique handmade writing pen personalised to them because a genuine gift will be appreciated and as the pen gift is a practical one it will be in daily use or kept aside for special occasions, either way, you thoughtfulness will be remembered.

If a logo is really deemed as necessary add it to the pen box, but if it is required on the pen, for example, keep it discreet.

Do gift wrap

corporate gifts all wrapped up by Irish Pens

This is a small touch that can go a very long way. After all, you are representing your business, so expressing an exceptional level of care and attention to detail in your gift presentation makes a statement about how you handle every endeavor. Gift-wrapping can be the cherry-on-top of the gift-giving experience. All our pens are presented in a deluxe gift box which is then inserted into a box sleeve (all recyclable) which gives the most cost-effective pen a real touch of luxury. First impressions count as they say, and you only have one chance to make that first impression!

Don’t get too personal

corporate gift appropriate for every occasion handmade wooden pens by Irish Pens

When giving a gift to clients, staff or colleagues, there's a fine line between choosing something they will appreciate compared to something too personal. Stay away from perfume/cologne and clothes, we had a client who gave our handmade pens to a wide range for recipients in many different cultures and levels in business and he made a very interesting comment which was “a pen never offends anybody”.

Plan a budget

Corporate gift budget planning by irish pens

Deciding on a budget for gift-giving occasions throughout the year will largely have to do with the company’s finances. Even if a small amount can be spent on gifts, a small token will suffice to let people know that they are valued by your company. Spending €35 on an employee of the month handmade wooden pen that will be recognised by others for what it represents is a cost-effective way of acknowledging a work ethic above and beyond the norm for a job role and will not just motivate the winner but their colleagues around them.

Corporate gifting well thought out is a real winner for your business

grow your sales with sustainable corporate gift giving