About us


Richard and Catherine Daly

Living in County Cavan Ireland and luckey to be doing what we love every day

When asked what do you do for a living we say ....

We celebrate Ireland's literary heritage and acknowledge the purity of our country’s ecological landscape by crafting by hand a collection of writing instruments made with wood from the forests of Ireland.

Our handmade instruments are crafted to deliver a first-class writing experience, they pay homage to the tree that provided the wood the instrument is made from and they put excitement into owning and gifting a handmade bespoke pen that will be used daily and as a gift, it is an acknowledgment of the recipient's creative personality.

That's what we do and it all started in 2014 when events gave us a wonderful opportunity to pursue our dream of making our living through our passion for creating.

I am the 3rd generation in the Daly family who is now making his living from woodworking. My Grandfather and Father were master cabinetmakers and my brother continues that tradition, so I guess wood and woodworking is in my blood!

We started our business turning wooden bowls and other wooden crafts and like all new projects we found our focus was taken to the pens we made, they gave us the most satisfaction the biggest buzz because we love making them, and that love we believe shows in the finished product, or so our clients told us!

So we spent the last 3 years refining our turning and finishing processes in our workshop with the goal of producing the best writing pen we can make. We use mainly woods grown in Ireland for our pens, wood linked to famous Irish forests, famous Irish trees, and woods supplied by clients that have a special narrative for them. It's this link to Ireland and the fact our pens make such sustainable, interesting, thoughtful, and personal gifts that our clients say they like the most.

Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations.

If you would like to char email Richard at richard@irishpens.ie

What goes into making one of our Irish Bog Oak pens


Where the crafting takes place

In the workshop!

Selecting the most interesting grain in the wood for our pens

We cut the wood into pen blanks on my Dads bench saw, I used to clean the sawdust out of this machine every Saturday in my early teens and sell it to the local butcher for his floor, great days.

We store our wooden pen blanks in this old parts rack that came out of a local garage which closed over 20 years ago.

We drill the wooden blanks and glue in the brass tubes, its vital that the tubes are centered and the correct size for the pen its is to create

And now for the fun part, it's time to sculpt the pen on the lathe.....

Not that way Catherine! and its safety glasses you need not sunglasses!! 

Let the professional at it!  :-)

We turn, sand and finish all our pen in the workshop, assembly and posting is done in the office

Finished pen ready for its new home

Thanks for taking the time to review what we do, as we say

Loving what we do everyday


Cavan has some beautiful forests to enjoy and to inspire

 Killykeen Forest Cavan Richard Daly Irish Pens

Killykeen forest Cavan Catherine Daly Irish Pens

The workshop is located in our garden, a great place to be creative


We have our own little forest beside the workshop, we are surrounded by wood!