About us


Richard and Catherine Daly, the spirited residents of the quaint town of Kells, nestled snugly in the historic embrace of Ireland's Meath County, are living out their dreams each and every day!

When asked about their livelihood, their eyes light up with an infectious zeal...

"We're in the business of spreading joy! Crafting gifts that not only bring immense pride to the giver but sheer delight to the receiver. Our creations serve as heartfelt tokens, intimately connected to the allure of Ireland, solving the age-old puzzle of what to gift to those who seem to have it all. After all, who could resist the allure of a meticulously fashioned writing instrument, hewn from the finest Irish wood?

Each pen pays homage to our nation's rich literary heritage and celebrates the untouched beauty of our natural landscapes. It's more than just a pen; it's a slice of Ireland's very soul."

It might sound like a mouthful, but that's the passion poured into every single pen they lovingly craft.

Their journey commenced back in 2014 when they bravely bid farewell to the corporate world, choosing instead to chase their shared dream. With the unwavering support of their children, they embarked on this exhilarating adventure hand in hand.

Richard proudly carries forward a legacy of woodworking that spans three generations of master craftsmen in his family. Meanwhile, Catherine, with her award-winning prowess as a hairstylist and multimedia artist seamlessly channels her talent into design and color, infusing their creations with a vibrant sense of style.

Though their business initially began with the creation of wooden bowls and various woodwork, it was the crafting of pens that truly ignited their passion. The sheer satisfaction derived from the process is palpable, evident in the gleaming finish and impeccable craftsmanship—qualities that their clientele rave about!

Over the past eight years, they've honed their techniques tirelessly, striving to produce the finest writing instruments imaginable. But their dedication doesn't stop at the pens themselves; they've carefully curated every aspect of the gifting experience, ensuring that each recipient feels truly cherished.

Through it all, their love for one another continues to blossom, infusing each day with laughter and joy. They remain deeply grateful to their loyal patrons, whose steadfast support has transformed Irish Pens into the remarkable success story it is today.

With hearts brimming with gratitude and hands ever busy creating, Richard and Catherine Daly stand as living proof that when you follow your passion, happiness knows no bounds!

If you would like to char email Richard at richard@irishpens.ie


Where the crafting takes place


In the workshop!

Selecting the most exciting grain in the wood for our pens

We cut the wood into pen blanks on my Dad's bench saw; I used to clean the sawdust out of this machine every Saturday in my early teens and sell it to the local butcher for his floor; great days.

We store our wooden pen blanks in this old parts rack that came out of a local garage which closed over 20 years ago.

We drill the wooden blanks and glue in the brass tubes; it's vital that the tubes are centred and the correct size for the pen it is to create

And now for the fun part, it's time to sculpt the pen on the lathe.....

Not that way, Catherine! And it's safety glasses; you do not need sunglasses!! 

Let the professional at it!  :-)

We turn, sand and finish all our pens in the workshop; assembly and posting are done in the office.

Finished pen ready for its new home

Thanks for taking the time to review what we do; as we say

Loving what we do every day


Ireland has some beautiful forests to enjoy and inspire.

 Killykeen Forest Cavan Richard Daly Irish Pens

Killykeen forest Cavan Catherine Daly Irish Pens

The workshop is in our garden, a great place to be creative.