Collection: Staedtler German made pens

STAEDTLER pens, made in Germany, offer an aesthetic, quality and writeability that we at Irish Pens understand, which is why we have selected a limited range of Staedtler pens that align with our love of wood to expand our product offering and provide our clients with a wider selection of pens to choose from. Not all our clients want to own or gift only pens with a wooden body, so we also have selected some high-end resen body pens.

When we use a pen that is built to last, it becomes a cherished companion, reflecting the moments and stories it has witnessed throughout our lives. This emotional attachment fosters a sense of belonging and encourages us to care for the pen and its impact on the environment.

Replacing a pen's refill or using a refillable fountain pen to ensure the pen lasts for a lifetime isn't just about practicality; it's a deeply emotional and purposeful choice that resonates with our values, aspirations, and love for the planet we call home.

Please enjoy the range we have selected.

More Staedtler German made pens are to be added 2nd week of August; look out for them.