You are never too old to change!

You are never too old to change!

Well, thank goodness for that!

In 2007 we up sticks and moved our family from urban Dublin to a beautiful rural location in County Cavan. Many thought we were mad, but we can honestly say it was the best move for our family. The lifestyle in Cavan gave our children and ourselves a super living environment.

In 2014 I left the corporate world and set up Irish Pens with Catherine so we could work together, making a living using our hands, hearts and heads. With the support of our worldwide client base, Irish Pens has enabled us to achieve many of our work-life balance goals.

Now in 2022, it’s time for another change! We love our work and the place we work and live in; we have the best neighbours who welcomed us in 2007. However, our children have grown up, flown the nest, and settled down into their own lives, and we have been blessed with grandchildren, and yes, that is as fantastic as people say!

So with the grandchildren and our children all living away from us, we had a choice: get to see them only on weekends or move closer to them? Moving home and a business in your early 60s is not something you take lightly, but on the other hand, it was the easiest decision we ever made. Family is what it is all about, and it’s that simple.

So we now live and work in Ireland’s heritage capital of Kells County Meath, only minutes from the grandchildren, closer to our brothers and sisters, so while it was sad to leave our friends in Cavan, this is our forever home.

As we settle into Kells County Meath and get to know the people and history surrounding us, it’s another chapter in our lives and as that saying goes, “You are never too old to change”

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