It's our trademark and that official!

It's our trademark and that official!

When we started the business I'll be honest everyone thought and some said it was just a hobby and world probably go nowhere, they could have been proven to be correct, but thanks to Cathy's support and faith in me we have grown together the hobby into a wonderful little business. 

We enjoy the interaction with our clients, whether it is providing a special gift to themselves or for those special to them. To know that a pen we craft will be presented as a special birthday, anniversary, graduation or wedding gift in places all around the world is a very rewarding feeling for us both. 

Irish Pen trademark the TREE

Earlier this year we applied to trademark the Irish Pens "Tree" and we are so happy that we have been successful and the "Tree" is officially trademarked.

Our trademark      symbolises for us the trees and forests of Ireland, each wooden pen we craft pays homage to those trees. In Ireland's ever changing climate they took from the Irish soil the nutrients they needed to grow to give shelter, heat, tools, food and have played a key role at the very heart of Irelands heritage. The stunning grain patterns and colours within the Irish woods we craft from is your guarantee that your pen is unique.

We will start printing our our logo on our pen gift boxes from today the 17th August 2021, and on the outer wrap of the pen gift box and inside the inner lid of the pen gift box. We are so proud of the logo lets us show it off! We are sure our clients will like this added aspect of our pen offering.


To help develop forestry in Ireland we have become the 1st affiliate members of the Tree Council Of Ireland, and with their support we use a proportion of each pen sale to plant a new native Irish tree in Aurora forest at Glencree in County Wicklow the garden of Ireland.

No better symbol could we have used
to represent our core values
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