Mans fountain pen gift handmade from Irish Yew in Ireland by Irish Pens
Mans fountain pen gift handmade from Irish Yew in Ireland by Irish Pens
Mans fountain pen gift handmade from Irish Yew in Ireland by Irish Pens
Mans fountain pen gift handmade from Irish Yew in Ireland by Irish Pens
Mans fountain pen gift handmade from Irish Yew in Ireland by Irish Pens
Mans fountain pen gift handmade from Irish Yew in Ireland by Irish Pens

Irish Pens Handmade

Shannon fountain pen in Irish Yew bright chrome

Regular price €110,00

our Shannon fountain pen is named after the largest river in Ireland, this fountain pen will impress any connoisseur of fountain pen writing. The pen, like a river of ink, carries the thoughts and creativity of its user from their consciousness to paper effortlessly.

Resting on a writing desk, nestled in a notebook or sitting staunchly on a writing pad on a meeting or board room table this Shannon fountain pens design and the detail in the wood we used make it unique, a gift that will impress its user and will be noticed by those who see it in use. The gift you gave will be remembered every time this fountain pen is held and its ink flows.

The yew has played a tremendous role in shaping religious beliefs, being associated with immortality and rebirth, or a spiritual resurrection. To the ancient Celts and Druids, it was a sacred tree and adorned many of their religious sites. Churches were often built on these ancient religious sites and inherited the yew trees already there - one can find a yew tree in many a churchyard.
Muckross Abbey, and a huge Yew tree in the middle of the Abbey’s cloister. It was planted when the friary was first built in 1448 by Dónal McCarthy Mór – the chieftain of the area. That same tree can still be seen and enjoyed today – it’s an old Irish Yew tree.
One fact is certain, however, trees, including the yew, were, like the Sun and Moon, instrumental in the formation of just about all literary and religious traditions and a major inspiration to many artists. It seems that the 'wise' were always associated with trees.

The Shannon fountain pen is fitted with a German manufactured bi-colour size 6 nib, this ensures a smooth writing experience even for the fussiest of fountain pen users.

The fountain pen ink flows from an international standard-sized ink cartridge, easily available from all stationery shops around the world. Available on this site also.

We also provide an ink pump with the pen, this pump allows bottled ink to be used in the pen, simply fill the pump with your favorite bottled ink and insert it into the pen and you’re ready to write.

Sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda, by using one of our handmade pens and only replacing the refill you help the environment by not contributing to the BILLIONS of plastic biros that go to landfill every year.

Give one of our fountain pens with our ink pump and the only thing you don't use is the empty glass ink bottle that is recycled, how green is that!

We post our pens in our recyclable pen gift box wrapped in corrugated card and place in a biodegradable mailer bag, it's our way of greening what we do and minimising our impact on the environment.

At a time when individuality is becoming increasingly rare, we can engrave the pen for you

  • If engraving the pen ( 20 characters maximum ) leave the text on the cart page
  • Add a personal note in the pen box free of charge, leave the text on the cart page

The pen is 145mm long and 58 grams in weight

Your pen gift is presented in our deluxe gifting package

  • Luxurious pen gift box
  • Detail card on the wood used in the pen
  • Instruction card
  • Ink pump and ink cartridges so the pen can be used on receipt
  • A personal note from Catherine and Richard Daly
  • A green velvet sleeve to protect the pen in daily use
  • If you are thinking about sustainability and DONT WANT the gift box but do want the other items in our gifting package enter code no-gift-box in the checkout page and we will discount the order by €5 and not send a gift box.

The pen pictured was handmade by us, your pen will be of the same wood, as no two wood pieces are the same that is your certainty that your pen will be totally unique. Like the pen pictured we will select the most interesting wood to craft your pen from. It takes us about 3 days to craft a pen.

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