Irish Bog Oak writers pen handmade in Ireland by Irish Pens
Irish Bog Oak writers pen handmade in Ireland by Irish Pens
Irish Bog Oak writers pen handmade in Ireland by Irish Pens
Ballpoint in Irish burled elm handmade by Irish Pens
pens from Ireland writers gift bog oak gift
Irish Bog Oak writers pen handmade in Ireland by Irish Pens
Irish Bog Oak writers pen handmade in Ireland by Irish Pens

Irish Pens

Irish Bog Oak Sheelin ballpoint pen

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The gift you give acknowledges the creative side of your intended, it needs to be special and unique like them, something that showed that you put care and thought into this special gift, a gift you don't want to sit in a drawer, you want your gift to be used every day, and who doesn't need a pen? This gift made with Irish Bog Oak over 5000 years old is the gift you have been looking for.  We can engrave the pen for you also to make it that extra special.

If you are looking for the perfect gift you could have found it, order it now, and leave the rest to us.

We present your gift in our luxurious pen box, we also include a card describing the bog oak the pen is made with and a brief note from Catherine and me that explains the handmade nature of the pen. 

Irish Bog Oak is older than the Pyramids so your pen is more than 5,000 years in the making! We don’t rush thinks in Ireland! The beauty of Bog Oak is in its feel and colour, so to ensure we don’t mask that experience we finish our pens in the same oils Bog Oak sculptors use so you can experience every minute of the 5,000 years of history when you hold your pen

Stylish yet classicly designed with gold and black titanium trimmed will grace any environment from a writing desk to the boardroom table, it's super smooth twist mechanism advances the all Swiss ink refill we install ready to transpose its user's thoughts to paper. 

Sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda, by using this handmade pens and only replacing the refill you help the environment in a real way by not contributing to the BILLIONS of plastic biros that go to landfills every year. 


  • Takes standard international Parker style ink refills
  • We fit an all Swiss component and Swiss ink refill (only the best for your pen)
  • Presented in our luxurious pen box
  • Gold & Black Titanium pen trim
  • 133mm or 5.24 inches long
  • 47gm or 1.66 oz in weight
  • If you have any questions about this range or any of our pens please contact us by email at any time.

The pen pictured was handmade by us, your pen will be of the same wood, as no two wood pieces are the same that is your certainty that your pen will be totally unique. Like the pen pictured we will select the most interesting wood to craft your pen from. It takes us about 3 days to craft a pen.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    This is one of the best pen I've ever owned.
    The size and shape is similar to Faber Castell E-motion, but this one is noticeably heavier and rugged.There aren't any sigle part made of plastic.
    The black titanium grip feels comfortable, and is of slightly darker color compared to chrome-plated trims.I love the matte finish of its bog oak body, which feels more natural and authentic than plastic-coated ones.

    Thanks Richard.

    Hi Yuta, thank you for the feedback, it's a long way from the bog lands of Ireland to Japan but the bog oak pen got to you and we wish you many years of creative writing with it. Richard

    Anne johnson
    he was blown away by its age

    The Bog Oak looks great, the wood felt cool and so smooth, hard to believe how old it is, my nephew just loved it, cool as they say!. Thank you, Catherine and Richard, for the help in picking this gift, as they say, I will be back!

    Hi Anne, delighted your gift hit the spot, the bog oak is special and I know how important that was to you. You are welcome anytime, Catherine.