ink converter ink pump to fit waterman parker cross international standard sized

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Ink converter | Ink Pump

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Internation standard size ink converter is also known as an ink pump.

This is a piston converter/pump, which means you twist the grip to move the piston up and down the pump cylinder which draws the ink from the ink bottle through the fountain pen nib into it. 

It is the easiest way to experience the hundreds of ink colours that only come in bottles.

The price is for 2 converters/Pumps. 


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We post a set of 2 ink pumps to your door, how easy is that?

€2 postage in Ireland

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Did the job

Great to get this from a local company. I ordered Tuesday am it arrived in Wednesday's post! Ordering a new fountain pen for myself very soon, good luck with the business.

Sometimes that all you need, delivered fast and does the job, couldn't put it better myself. Thanks for the review it really helps. Richard