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long international standard cartridges | 7 per pack

long international standard cartridges | 7 per pack

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Now available from the Jacques Herbin Collection,

The Essentials inks are rich, elegant colours in long international standard cartridges, 7 per pack.

Long cartridges hold over twice the ink of standard short cartridges, 1.45ml v .7ml.
Herbin has made inks since the 17th century when Jacques brought exotic ingredients back from his travels across the oceans.
Herbin inks are made with all-natural and pH-neutral dyes, making them beautiful inks for writing and artwork.

These Ink cartridges are rich and bright, with vibrant colour and incredible texture. These inks offer unparalleled writing quality. Perfect for writing enthusiasts and lovers of beautiful letters! The cartridges provide considerable writing autonomy; they can be changed quickly and effortlessly. They allow you to rediscover the charm and pleasure of writing with a fountain pen! Ink is composed of water, a humectant (which limits drying at the nib level), and a preservative (which preserves the unrivalled quality of writing). It is made in France. It comes in a resealable box to protect the cartridges and facilitate storage.

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