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Fountain pen ink from the house of Herbin 1670

Fountain pen ink from the house of Herbin 1670

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Ink Colour

Herbin brand is a pledge of exceptional quality inks that complement our handmade fountain pens

Les Encres 1670, from the exclusive Jacques Herbin Collection, to commemorate the year of the creation of the Herbin house in the heart of Paris.

50ml bottle with an original and noble design with the cap covered with sealing wax that recalls the colour of the ink.

A wax seal stamped 1670 decorates each bottle with elegance and majesty.

Ink specially formulated for fountain pens finely filtered so as not to clog the pens.

Made in France. Gold glitter ink for brilliant and original writing.

The ink in a bottle reduces the ecological impact by generating less waste than disposable cartridges or pens.

Rouge hématite ink is a scarlet red tending slightly to brown thanks to its golden glitter.

 Dark in colour, Storm Grey ink is covered in golden glitter, giving it depth. This ink recalls the storm and the glitter the lightning.

Deep and sustained Ocean Blue ink sparkles with golden glitter. It is a tribute to the colour of the sea dear to the navigator Herbin during his various voyages

The price is for a single 50ml bottle.

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