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Irish Pens

Fountain pen and ballpoint writing pen gift set in bog oak from our Woodland range

Fountain pen and ballpoint writing pen gift set in bog oak from our Woodland range

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Pen engraving
Upgrade to engraved wooden gift box

Today, more than ever, we are looking for ways to reconnect with our heritage, looking for authentic, timeless things that link us with the past and make the past come alive. Tthat's why we have used Irish wood, which carries in its very DNA the history of Ireland, to craft these classically designed writing instruments.

If you are looking for a unique gift that will become part of its owner's life and will acknowledge its creative personality, the Woodland gift set, we believe, will exceed your expectations.

Bog Oak is older than the Pyramids; the wood in this pen has restated for thousands of years in the bog waters, absorbing the country's very DNA. The blackness and grain pattern of this exceptional wood is your certainty that each pen is unique; no two pens are the same or could be the same; it is not often you get the opportunity to hold something as rare or old in your hand every day. The beauty of Bog Oak is in its feel and colour, so to ensure we don't mask that experience, we finish our pens in the same oils Irish Bog Oak sculptors use so you can experience every minute of the 5,000 years of history when you hold your pen.

Our specially selected Irish burled Elm and bog oak complement the highest jewellery-grade Rhodium and Titanium finishes to produce our Woodland writing set of fountain pen and ballpoint pen. We have installed a Peter Bock-made nib in the fountain pen and an all-Swiss-made ballpoint refill to ensure that both pens deliver the best possible writing experience. Replacement rollerball refills and Peter Bock nibs are available worldwide. We also stock them on our website.

We can engrave either or both pens for you when individuality becomes increasingly rare. Eighteen characters maximum, we suggest not detracting from the wood's beauty. 

  • The fountain pen uses a Peter Bock-made size five nib. It comes with an internationally sized ink cartridge and an ink pump converter, so bottled ink can also be used. 
  • The ballpoint pen uses a Parker-type standard-sized refill available on this website and in stationers worldwide.
  • The pen trim is a combination of jewellery-grade Rhodium and Gold Titanium
  • We can craft the set in any trim combination or wood you wish; email us your requirements, and we would love to work with you to create your perfect writing gift set.
  • Presented in our deluxe pen box

Upgrade to our engraved wooden box.

At our workshop in Kells, we meticulously craft our handmade pens. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Book of Kells, our latest creation is a unique wooden pen presentation box designed to elevate your gift to the highest level. Whether for personal or corporate occasions, we aim to allow our clients to present something unique.

They are meticulously crafted and finished in oak for durability and sophistication.

Custom walnut pen rests cradle one or two pens, marrying functionality with luxury.

Personalise your gift with engraved messages on the inner lid.

Generously sized at 180mm length, 116mm width, and 45mm height, ensuring ample space to showcase your writing instrument.

Each box is meticulously wrapped in branded tissue paper and eco-friendly packaging, ensuring pristine delivery while championing environmental sustainability.

We offer logo customisation on the outer or inner lid for corporate orders. Contact us for more information.

As a personal, corporate, or club gift, no other pen is exactly like yours!

Sustainability is high on everyone's agenda; by using one of our handmade pens and only replacing the refill, you help the environment by not contributing to the BILLIONS of plastic biros that go to landfill every year.

The pen pictured was handmade by us; your pen will be of the same wood, as no two pieces are the same. That is your certainty that your pen will be unique. Like the pen pictured, we will select the most exciting wood to craft your pen from. It takes us about three days to prepare a pen.

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