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Eclipse Carbon fiber fountain pen in Titanium trim

Eclipse Carbon fiber fountain pen in Titanium trim

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While carbon fiber is a modern material, the fountain pen is steeped in tradition and history. Owning a unique carbon fiber fountain pen can create a harmonious blend of the contemporary and the traditional, fostering a connection to timeless values.

Writing with a finely crafted fountain pen can inspire creativity and deep thought. The tactile experience of using the pen and the anticipation of producing beautifully written work can stimulate a heightened sense of inspiration.

A unique pen, mainly made from distinctive materials like carbon fiber, can become a personal expression. The pen's design, style, and material choice may reflect the owner's personality, taste, and individuality.

The ownership of a unique carbon fiber fountain pen can elicit feelings of elegance and prestige. The sleek and modern appearance of the pen, coupled with its association with advanced materials, can make the owner feel a sense of sophistication and refinement.

Owning or gifting a unique carbon fiber fountain pen is a multi-faceted emotional experience that combines aesthetics, craftsmanship, personal connection, and the satisfaction of using a high-quality writing instrument. It's a sentiment that extends beyond the pen, touching on the broader aspects of creativity, self-expression, and the appreciation of finely crafted objects.

Pen facts


  • The pen uses standard-sized ink cartridge
  • Also supplied with an ink pump
  • Black Titanium trim and accents
  • Presented in our complementary pen box
  • Upgrade to our solid handmade Irish Oak engravable pen box available for that super special gift.
  • If you have any questions about this range or any of our pens, don't hesitate to contact us by email at any time. 

The pen pictured was handmade by us; your pen will be of the same wood; as no two wood pieces are the same, that is your certainty that your pen will be unique. Like the pen pictured, we will select the most exciting wood to craft your pen from. It takes us about three days to prepare a pen.

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