Ballpoint pen range

The usefulness of a pen is limitless. You could write an exam, a novel or a song, record information, jot down a short note, or draw a masterpiece.

Owning a handmade writing pen made from Irish wood is a truly exceptional experience. It combines the allure of history, the mastery of craftsmanship, and the beauty of nature into a single instrument that serves both as a practical tool and a symbol of heritage. Whether for personal use or as a gift to a loved one, such a pen holds a profound significance that goes beyond words on paper.

Why select a Ballpoint pen?

Ballpoints use oil-based ink (rollerball pens use water-based ink)

Ballpoints write on all paper types, quick-drying ink that doesn't bleed into the paper, the pen doesn't require a cap, so it tends to be a twist or clicker mechanism to advance the refill.

So if you are going to gift a pen, gift an extra special one!