Ballpoint pen range

The usefulness of a pen is limitless. You could write an exam, a novel or a song, record information, jot down a short note, or draw a masterpiece.

You have decided to gift a unique, sustainable handmade ballpoint pen; you are sure it will deliver a super-smooth writing experience when filling in forms, writing on glossy paper or thin notepaper; the ink won't bleed if you like to write on both sides of your paper, the ink drys almost instantly an excellent help for lefthanded writers. Whichever ballpoint pen you choose every time they run the tip of their pen across the paper, they will think what a great choice you made in selecting this gift that they can use every day.

Why select a Ballpoint pen?

Ballpoints use oil-based ink (rollerball pens use water-based ink)

Ballpoints write on all paper types, quick-drying ink that doesn't bleed into the paper, the pen doesn't require a cap, so it tends to be a twist or clicker mechanism to advance the refill.

So if you are going to gift a pen, gift an extra special one!