Minimising the Covid-19 risk

I turn our pens in isolation but never alone as I always have the radio on in the workshop and Catherine pops in to keep an eye on me not to mention the dog and the 2 cats!!

Irish Pens workshop in rural County CavanIrish-pens-dog-best-man's-friendIrish-Pens-Cat-Tyson

We assemble our pens in our office, only Catherine and me in the office at one anytime. We clean down all work surfaces before we start assembling every pen and always use cotton gloves as this keeps the pen trim free of finger marks.


When the pen is assembled and some test writing completed we prepare the pen box by spraying the inside with sanitiser cleaner and wiping the outer of the box with a cleaner also. We do this while wearing our disposable gloves. When the pen is inserted into the box we wrap the box in our mailer bag and give the packet another wipe down before we bring it to our local post office for shipping.


We dispose of the gloves after each pen and wipe the surface down in preparation for the next pen.


As we say in Ireland it is better to be safe than sorry!


We hope this helps you feel confident in ordering one of our pens at this time


be safe, keep washing your hands and remember 2 meters distance when out and about to keep yourself safe. 

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