Wooden handmade pens helping to plant trees for our future

The clients of Irish Pens from around the world and of course from here at home have sponsored another 3 native Irish trees planted on their behalf by the Tree Council of Ireland in Ireland's garden county of County Wicklow. 

In the woodland forest of Aurora three new sapling are planted and start their new life in Irish soil, over the coming years they will grow stronger and taller absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for growth, converting it to sugars and wood and releasing pure oxygen back to the atmosphere every day while our clients who planted them go about their daily lives in the knowledge that in a little part of Ireland they have done a little bit to protect the environment for us all, and if we all do a little it has a large impact. 

"The trees encountered on a country stroll

reveal a lot about that country’s soul…

A culture is no better than its woods.”

― W.H.Auden

Irish Pens and the Tree Council of Ireland check this out


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