The woods our pens grow from

The woods our pens grow from

I want to share with you a video about the woods we use in our handmade writing pens, the woods we use are from fallen trees or trees that have had to be cut down for safety reasons.

But our most popular woods like Bog Oak and burled elm are from tree that fell in the case of bog oak thousands of years ago and our burled elm is over 30 years sitting in the store room of a retired clock maker.

Our Oak comes form many different locations such as the Phoenix park in Dublin, presented to us by the OPW, we used that wood to make a pen for our current president. We also have Oak from the floorboards of Clontarf Castle, from the Knights bar to be precise, if that wood could talk!!

The Yew we are using today came from a Yew tree in County Kildare that was damaged in a storm, the wood is beautiful and every pen we make from it I feel is bringing that tree back to life in a little way, well Yew is the tree of everlasting life they say.

Another favourite of our clients is Purple Heart, not an Irish wood at all but its natural purple colour is stunning and it is a joy to turn creating a pen that's colour is captivating.

WhiskEy or whisky which ever is your favourite we have a very special set of whiskey barrel woods to craft pens from, one set is from a whiskey barrel from the Midleton distillery in Co.Cork and we all know the whiskeys they distill in that town!!

Another barrel we have is from the first cast of the Drumshanbo single pot still whiskey from the The Shed Distillery in Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim, a tasty whiskey for sure but our pen is equally tasty.

A question for you. what do our pens and whiskey glasses have in common?  Yes They can both be refilled!! ok sorry about that!

We have many woods to work with all thanks to mother nature and we have had clients supply us with woods that have a very special meaning to them and that  makes those pens even more special.
If you have any questions about our woods or any aspect of our pens reach out we love chatting with our clients. 
I hope you enjoyed the video.







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