Irish Bog to Brooklyn

Irish Bog to Brooklyn

A client in Brooklyn NY ordered a pen last month, she was looking for a gift for a special friend, she thought of many gifts but wanted something that would be used and not just sit in a drawer or on a shelf, a gift, when used by her friend, would remind him of her every day.

She thought a pen was the ideal gift as her friend likes to write little notes as he goes through his day. So the first thing she wanted was the best quality pen she could have and a handmade pen would be so special and different, it had to be an excellent writer, not too heavy, high-end plating to last a lifetime and a solid twist mechanism to advance the nib. The pen must function!! she said.

She also wanted it in wood as she is very environmentally aware as is her friend and the thought of a plastic pen was just was not an option. "This is a lifetime gift" she said so the pen would have to be up to that. 

We agreed on a pen style and the wood choice was Irish Bog Oak, a wood rooted in Irish history and that was a great bonus, but the overall quality of the pen was her first priority.

Our clients choice? 

Woodland twist rollerball in Irish Bog Oak with Rhodium plating and black Tititunm accents 

The pen was delivered, the gift presented and the special friend she said was so taken by the 5000-year-old bog oak his pen was made from, he thought it was so cool that the wood his pen was made from is older than the Pyramids  (something I always tell our clients) and he would hold that wood every day. 

The pen is used every day, he loves to write with it and all his friends ask him "where did you get that pen?" ......from a special friend he tells them.

Our client was delighted with her gift choice as was her special friend........

from the boglands of Ireland to the streets of Brooklin!


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