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Fountain pens growing in Co.Wicklow forest

Fountain pens do grow in trees
As we get out of our car in the car park deep in the heart of Killykeen forest the first thing you notice is the sound of the forest, leaves rustling overhead as the trees move in the breeze, the sound of birds in the distance and now well into autumn the noise of the fallen leaves underfoot as we start our walk.

We love that nature is all about us, the feeling of been out of the house, away from the workshop, uninterrupted chat as we stroll the path as it winds through the trees with the occasional hello to others we pass on our way. We feel like we are hundreds of miles from home but it just 15 miles away.

To have such a wonderful forest at our doorstep is truly a joy for us, and in Ireland, we have many forests as beautiful as Killykeen, but to ensure that we have a forest for our children to enjoy in the future we wanted a real way to give back to nature for the wood she provides us for our handmade pens, so we reached out to the Tree Council of Ireland to use their tree sponsorship scheme where we can sponsor the planting of a tree on behalf of each of our clients who order one of our wooden handmade pens.

We sponsored our first native Irish tree in the Woodland Forest of Aurora, Glencree, Co. Wicklow in October 2020. So we can say for sure that fountain pens, rollerball, ballpoints, and pencils are all growing in the forest thanks to the clints of Irish Pens.

Through our conversations with the Tree Council of Ireland, we were honored to have been accepted as Affiliate Members of the Tree Council of Ireland. Please follow the link below to their website to see the excellent work they do to support forestry in Ireland.

If you wish to sponsor a tree you can do that on their website, just tell then that Irish Pens sent you!

Click to visit the Tree Council of Ireland website

 Fountain pens from the forests of IrelandIrish Pens Tree sponsorship cert

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Great to know that my pen has played a part in planting a tree in Co. Wicklow. A great initiative, well done to you both.


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