Custom wedding registry bridal gift that left them speechless

Custom wedding registry bridal gift that left them speechless

We were asked to make a custom wedding registry pen gift for a bride-to-be by her auntie.

Her aunt wanted a writing pen the happy couple would use to sign their wedding register on their the big day "have you any thoughts on how we can make the pen extra special" she asked me?     We had a chat and in the conversation it became clear the passion the Bride and her Fiancé have for the GAA and their codes of Camogie and hurling, now both camogie and hurling sticks are made from Ash wood and I thought if we could get an old stick that had a special meaning to the Bride we could craft the pen that stick and that would make the pen even extra special.

...........Off the auntie went to seek out the stick!

Well, the antie went to the Brides father and he had the perfect stick, one broken by his daughter in an important camogie match she had played in, a stick with great happy memories.

You can see from the pictures below we used the wood from the handle of the stick to make the body of the pen, the pen trim had over 50 Swarovski crystals set in it and the finished pen not only sparkled on the big day but it's history and the love the family put into arranging such a unique and thoughtful heirloom gift left the happy couple speechless.

This is why we love what we do..............

We removed the date of the wedding that was also engraved on the pen to protect the identity of the happy couple. The pen was the talk of the wedding we were told, this is one wedding gift that won't be forgotten and the aunt achieved her GOAL of the perfect wedding gift!!!.
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