Cavan to New York in 16 steps

Cavan to New York in 16 steps

I posted some pens to clients on Wednesday afternoon, one client, in particular, had ordered a pen as a very special gift for his very special friend. He had spent the time researching the gift he wanted to give, he selected one of our fountain pens, he gave us the text for a personal note which we put on a card, sealing the card with a wax stamp and placing the card in with the pen gift.

He had created the perfect gift and he was very much looking forward to presenting it.

When he got back from work on Monday evening to his New York apartment his pen gift was waiting for him. 

16 steps over 6 days and his pen arrived safe and sound, we want to thank all those who played their part in the delivery process, from the postmistress in our local post office in Ballinagh to the staff at AnPost who got the pen to the USA so quickly and to all those in the postal service in the US who got the pen to the local New York postperson who delivered the pen to our client.

It's easy to forget the work and planning required for that product we ordered to arrive at our door on time and in one piece!


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