Can an Irish Pens handmade wooden pen help protect the environment?

Can an Irish Pens handmade wooden pen help protect the environment?

We have been writing by hand for literally thousands of years, so what about the simple PEN?  It doesn't have a battery or a motherboard,  it doesn't require a Service plan or a satellite orbiting the earth in order to function, it is never smarter than you are which I like!!

If I drop it in water or any distance higher than your own knee on a hard surface it would not be destroyed in fact purchasing an insurance plan for it would be, well silly and slightly ridiculous, this simple pen has shaped the very world in which we live,  it has recorded the discoveries of scientists and inventors and every tail of explorers who has crossed the open ocean or explored the worlds vast terrains, wars have begun and ended at its very wave and the doctrine of nearly every one of the world's religion was inscribed at its tip, the simple pen has recorded the genius of composers and artists and the thoughts of the worlds great and not so great writers, said Jake Weidmann a Master Penman during his TED talk.

Yes, the simple pen has had a profound effect on our world, no more so than in Ireland with our rich literary heritage and some of the worlds top contemporary writers, but an often overlooked positive environmental effect an Irish handmade wooden pen has on the environment is what happens when the ink runs out?   do you DUMP it like the 1.8 BILLION plastic pens that go into landfill each year in the USA alone OR  do you simply replace / recycle the refill and start writing with your pen again? I think the answer is obvious….. BUT for an even bigger environmental impact use an Irish Pens handmade fountain pen,  using the ink pump we provide you can fill the pen from an ink bottle, you consume (displaying your excellent penmanship or penpersonship) the ink and recycle the empty glass ink bottle how GREEN, blue, black or any other colour ink you use is that!

With recyclable writing paper and an Irish Pens fountain pen it seems if you want to help the planet we should look to the past and embrace the traditional writing methods and as they say “Every little bit helps”

The Irish wood in our pens is fallen wood from the forests of Ireland or reclaimed centuries-old bog oak reassuring you "no tree was harmed in the making of your pen"  

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