Handmade Irish bog oak pen
Irish bog oak gift idea
handmade gift from Ireland
Irish bog oak pen in Rhodium
Irish bog oak sculptured into an exquisite writing pen

Irish Pens

Woodland twist pen in Irish Bog Oak with Rhodium & black titanium

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The Woodland twist pen is a slim pen with Rhodium and Black Titanium plating throughout, this luxury is enhanced by the ancient Irish Bog oak we have used to wrap the pen, you are holding in your hand a wood that is older than the pyramids how cool is that?

Imagine the smile on both your faces when the gift you give is held for the first time making this a gift of outstanding satisfaction, whether the gift is for a pen connoisseur or someone that loves that special feeling of writing a handwritten note this gift will be sure to impress.

We can engrave the pen, engraving real bog oak is subtle as the engraving is black on black wood, oblivious to the pen holder but not to others that's what makes it so special. (leave your text on the cart page)

  • Rhodium and Black Tritium pen trim
  • The pen uses standard Parker type refills
  • We fit a Swiss made refill with Swiss ink (only the best for our pens)
  • Presented in our deluxe pen box
  • Add a personal note to the pen box free of charge
    • Leave the text on the cart page