Diamond cut Knot Antique Brass pen
Diamond cut Knot Antique Brass pen
Diamond cut Knot Antique Brass pen
Diamond cut Knot Antique Brass pen

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Diamond cut Knot Antique Brass pen

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A distinctive contemporary pen style that will stand out in the office, home or college.

A gift that the recipient will use to bring that extra touch of style to their every day writing tasks, a gift that will remind them every day of your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Engrave the pen body for that extra special touch

Minimise the impact on the environment by only replacing the Parker style refill and not the whole pen!

This pen is made with Irish Grown Elm, the Elm came originally from the midlands of Ireland, we got the wood from a clockmaker who retired and had lots of Elm over 30 years in his stores, too small for his work but perfect for our pens. So not only is the wood special because of its origin but it is very rare indeed. Making your pen special, rare and unique also!

The Knurl design of the section and top of the pen give this pen a very distinctive look. The exact diagonal cut lines is a process called Knurling when groves are cut at equal spaces around a cylinder shape giving a soft texture to the surface for extra grip. The origin of the word Knurl came from the feeling of a Knot in the bark of wood. 

  • Twist action pen
  • Parker style refill
  • Free deluxe pen box
  • Free personal note in the pen box lid
    • leave the text for note or engraving on the cart page
    • for engraving let us know if the user is Lest or Right handed