Celtic Knot pen in Irish Oak
Celtic Knot pen in Irish Oak
Celtic Knot pen in Irish Oak
Celtic Knot pen in Irish Oak
Celtic Knot pen in Irish Oak

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Celtic Knot pen in Irish Oak

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To this day, the core of Ireland's heritage remains unmistakably Celtic and it is fair to say that his pen will be an eagerly awaited gift honoring that heritage, pride, courage and values. The pen features intricate Celtic Knot scrollwork on the tip, clip and end as well as an emerald color cabochon on the end. The Celtic Knot motif dates back to 5th century and represents the truth of eternity and interconnected spirit. Your gift recipient doesn't need to be of Celtic origin to appreciate this pen; the symbolism of Celtic culture is universal.

The Irish oak tree is a much-loved in Celtic mythology for its strength and longevity. Known as the ‘King of the Forest’, for thousands of years, Druids have worshipped the Irish Oak as their most sacred tree. The word Druid comes from the Celtic word for Oak, ‘Duir’. The Druids also believed that the Oaktree is host to the strength and energy of their gods and so to catch a falling Oak leaf brings good luck and prosperity.

In Irish mythology, the Irish Oak symbolises truth, courage, and wisdom. This derives from the Ancient Celts, who observed the Oak’s incredible strength, beauty, and noble presence. Irish oak has been used for hundreds of years to build and decorate state buildings, churched and even the longboats in Viking times.

As a personal or corporate gift, no other pen in the world is exactly like yours!

Sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda, by using one of our handmade pens and only replacing the refill you help the environment by not contributing to the BILLIONS of plastic biros that go to landfill every year.

  • At a time when individuality is becoming increasingly rare, we can engrave the pen for you, leave the text on the cart page 
  • Takes standard-sized Parker ballpoint refills
  • We can install a gel refill if preferred
  • We fit an all Swiss component and Swiss ink refill (only the best for your pen)
  • Presented in our luxurious pen box
  • Antique brass pen trim
  • Emerald color cabochon in the cap
  • 133mm or 5.24 inches long capped
  • 47gm or 1.66 oz in weight
  • Add a personal note to your gift free of charge, leave the text on the cart page
  • Upgrade to a solid wooden Rosewood or Maple wood pen box with a solid brass plate we will have engraved for you, leave your engraving text on the cart page
  • If you have any questions about this range or any of our pens please contact us by email at info@irishpens.ie any time.