Black Carbon Fiber fountain pen Black Titanium and Rhodium Fountain Pen with Peter Bock nib

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Black Carbon Fiber fountain pen Black Titanium and Rhodium Fountain Pen with Peter Bock nib

The old with the new, carbon fiber the most modern of materials wrap's this fountain pen one of the oldest writing instruments.

At 66 grams, Rhodium and Titanium wrapped in Black Carbon Fiber and with a Peter Bock nib at the business end this is a serious fountain pen, a fountain pen that will feel at home in the most exclusive boardroom, business setting or in your personal writing space, its gravitas will not go unnoticed whenever it is used. When the written words really matter! this is the fountain pen to use.

Imagine the smile on their face as they unwrap your gift to them, revealing this most beautiful writing instrument, feel the excitement as they slide the pen from its case and hold their pen for the first time, studying the detail in the pen design, feeling the smoothness of the Rhodium pen trim and with a nod of their head acknowledging the weight and solid build of the pen, a gift they will use every day thinking of you each time they do. 

Sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda, by using one of our handmade fountain pens with our ink pump the only thing you don't use is the empty glass ink bottle that is recycled, how green is that!

Every year BILLIONS of plastic biros go to landfill but using our fountain pens or any of our handmade wooden pens you can do your bit to change that practice.


  • Carbon fiber body
  • Rhodium & BlackTitituinm accents
  • Peter Bock Nib as standard
  • Ink Pump so you can use bottled ink
  • Accepts standard international-sized ink cartridges
  • Presented in a luxurious pen box
  • 140mm or 5.24 inches long capped
  • 67gm or 2.36oz capped 
  • 34gm or  1.2oz uncapped
  • Add a personal note to your gift free of charge, leave the text on the cart page
  • Upgrade to a solid wooden Rosewood or Maple wood pen box with a solid brass plate we will have engraved for you, leave your engraving text on the cart page
  • If you have any questions about this range or any of our pens please contact us by email at any time.