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Celtic Knot pen in Irish Bog Oak

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“It's like holding a piece of home in my hand every day” is how a client described one of our pens gifted to them, can you imagine the smile on their face as they unwrapped your gift to them, a gift when used will remind them of you every time.


Irish Bog Oak is older than the Pyramids so part of your pen is more than 5,000 years in the making! We don’t rush thinks in Ireland! The beauty of Bog Oak is in its feel and colour, so to ensure we don’t mask that experience we finish our pens in the same oils Bog Oak sculptors use so you can experience every minute of the 5,000 years of history when you hold your pen.

We matched the oak to the Celtic design as the core of Ireland's heritage remains unmistakably Celtic and it is fair to say that Celtic influences and the influences of Irish people can be found in every part of the world.

We can engrave the pen body, engraving real bog oak is subtle as the engraving is black on black wood, oblivious to the pen holder but not to others that's what makes it so special. 

  • Antique Brass trim
  • Emerald color cabochon
  • Twist action
  • Standard rollerball refill
  • We fit a Swiss made refill(only the best for our pens)
  • Presented in a deluxe pen box
  • Add a personal note to the pen box free of charge
    • Leave text for note and engraving on the cart page
    • for engraving let us know if the user is Left or Right handed