Ogham engraved pen gifts

a rare Celtic twist, engrave your handmade pen in the Ogham alphabet

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Select your pen gift, tell us the engraving you want and we will send you a proof of your engraving in Ogham or we can engrave in Irish or any other language, how simple is that.


One of the earliest forms of writing is the Celtic Ogham alphabet.
Examples of this alphabet can be found carved into stone around Ireland dating from the 3rd century. Ogham letters were also carved into wooden posts but they have been lost to time. For the Irish tribe, our language was very important and not surprisingly this way of writing was created to allow for a physical expression of our language.

The original Celtic ogham old Irish language matched letters to trees (that is where the Celtic 13 month tree calendar comes) as trees played such an important role in the 3rd century lives, providing shelter, heat, tools, medicine and of course they were linked to the Gods and worshiped by the Druids of the time. It is from these Irish trees we handcraft your pen gift.

Ogham is more about the sound the words make rather than the direct spelling of words, the new Irish language uses 24 of the 26 letters of the English alphabet and the old Celtic Ogham alphabet only had 18 letters which is why some letters not in the old Irish language such as j, k, v, x, y or z don't have a direct ogham marking. Using phonic interpretation scholars much more intelligent than we linked letters with similar phonics so we now have an accepted alphabet to work with modern language

See some examples of Ogham words below and some pens we have engraved in Ogham, a unique gift made even more special with this historic engraving style.






There are no pens to select in this section as all our wooden pens can be engraved in Ogham, select your pen and order using the standard lettering for engraving, tell us in the note to seller on the cart page that you would like Ogham engraving and we will send you a proof of your engraving in the Ogham alphabet so you can decide to use the Ogham or standard writing for your gift. if you have any questions at all about the process ring or email anytime.

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