We ship our pens worldwide by track & trace post
We ship our pens worldwide by track & trace post
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Shannon fountain pen in Irish Whiskey Oak in Chrome
Shannon fountain pen in Irish Whiskey Oak in Chrome
Shannon fountain pen in Irish Whiskey Oak in Chrome
Shannon fountain pen in Irish Whiskey Oak in Chrome
Shannon fountain pen in Irish Whiskey Oak in Chrome
Shannon fountain pen in Irish Whiskey Oak in Chrome
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Shannon fountain pen in Irish Whiskey Oak in Chrome

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Our Shannon fountain pen is a generously sized pen that is perfect to showcase the detail of the woods we use, we named the pen after the River Shannon the largest river in Ireland and like a river we hope the words will flow freely when writing with our pen. A super pen for a personal or presentation gift. The size 6 German made nib ensures a smooth writing experience.

Irish whiskey oak from a decommissioned whiskey barrel from the famous Midleton distillery in Co. Cork. The reddish hue of the wood comes from the whiskey it matured.

We can fit Peter Bock nibs, left-handed nibs and Calligraphy nibs to this pen, contact us if you want more information. 

We can engrave the pen, (leave your text on the cart page)

The pen shown has a Peter Bock nib which you can order as an extra in our accessories section and we will fit for you

  • Standard international-sized ink cartridge refills
  • Size 6 German made nib
  • Supplied with an ink pump also for use with bottled ink
  • We fit a German made nib (only the best for our pens)
  • Chrome plated trim
  • Presented in our deluxe pen box
  • Add a personal note to the pen box free of charge
    • Leave the text on the cart page


The forests of Ireland have given us some of the most interesting woods to craft your pen from. Each pen is its own way pays homage to the tree and the country it grew in.

Irish Bog Oak.......it's not every day you get to hold something 5,000 years old! Older than the pyramids this wood is amazing to hold, its colour so dark its feel so cool, just amazing. We finish the wood in a special way to protect it but not to hide its colour and feel, such a special wood to hold 

Irish Elm......Considered one of the sacred trees in the Celtic world, elm has often been associated with Mother and Earth Goddesses. In rural Ireland, the elm tree was said to possess magical properties and was considered to be the home of the fairies. 

Irish Oak......The king of the Irish forest, revered by ancient druids for the power to keep away bad spirits, in the Ogham alphabet the word "duir" means the door and is linked to Oak thus linking the tree to the doorway to knowledge and wisdom. A strong and beautiful wood with deep grain which we capture in our hard wearing finish

Irish Cherry......Not surprising that a tree which produces such stunning blossoms also presents us with a beautiful fine-grained wood in red to brown with delicate grain, a very elegant wood that polishes to a beautiful high shine, any pen we make with it is very smooth to hold.

Irish Yew......Yew tree is a symbol of everlasting life. The oldest Yew trees in Ireland are estimated to have lived for some 800 years. The wood has medicinal properties and is used in the treatment of cancer. Lovely range of brown colours and like Cherry polishes to a beautiful smooth high shine.

Irish Spalted Beech......Many timbers can spalt but Beech is one of the most beautiful. Spalting is when certain fungi grow on fallen trees and leave a most attractive pattern in the wood. The process takes 2 to 3 years to reach the ideal stage to cut & season the timber. Creates the most stunning pens as the colours are just stunning.

Walnut......Black Walnut is sought after for its great beauty and toughness, from Central America, this wood is a luscious milk chocolate like colour, finishes so smoothly and will be a talking point every time the pen is used in public

Olive Wood......Olive wood trees from the ancient city of BethlehemIsrael (also known as Roman trees) have been bearing fruit since the time of the Romans. Many religious, historical, and artistic articles are made from this beautiful ancient wood.

White Pearlesent......the light appears to dance in the pen body, constantly moving as you move the pen in your hand. The pen body is polished to the highest level to give a smooth and almost soft feeling to the pen body. Looking for a pen for the special lady in your life, you just found it!

Ivory Pearlesent.......for those who prefer a gentle Ivory tone to the body of their pen while still enjoying the magic of the dancing light in the pen as they write with it.



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